Brazileira/Samba for saxophone and orchestra

Darius Milhaud
Duration: 3'

"Brazileira," also known as the "Samba," is a movement from "Scaramouche," a suite for saxophone and orchestra (or piano) composed by Darius Milhaud. Milhaud was a prominent 20th-century French composer known for his eclectic style, which often incorporated elements of jazz, Brazilian music, and modernist techniques.

The "Scaramouche" suite, which includes the "Brazileira" movement, is one of Milhaud's more famous works and is particularly notable for its lively and rhythmic character, embodying the spirit of Brazilian music. The suite was originally composed for saxophone and orchestra, but it has also been arranged for various other instrumentations, including saxophone and piano.

The "Brazileira" movement, in particular, stands out for its vibrant, samba-like rhythms and lively melody, making it a favorite among saxophonists and a popular piece in the classical saxophone repertoire. It showcases Milhaud's skill in blending classical forms with popular and folk music elements, creating a work that is both sophisticated and accessible.