Czardas for saxophone and orchestra

Pedro Iturralde
Duration: 8'

"Czardas" for Saxophone and Orchestra by Pedro Iturralde is a vibrant and expressive piece that reflects the traditional Hungarian Czardas dances. Iturralde, a Spanish saxophonist and composer, is known for his work in blending elements of jazz with traditional European music styles.

In this composition, Iturralde incorporates typical characteristics of Czardas – such as abrupt tempo changes from slow, melancholic melodies to fast, fiery passages – with the distinctive sound and flexibility of the saxophone. The result is a dynamic and emotionally stirring work that showcases both the technical prowess of the soloist and the rich palette of the orchestra.

"Czardas" exemplifies Iturralde's talent in pushing the boundaries of traditional music genres, creating unique and innovative compositions that resonate in both the classical and jazz worlds. This piece is popular among saxophonists due to its technical challenges and appealing style.