Die Schöpfung

Joseph Haydn
Duration: 120'

Joseph Haydn's oratorio "The Creation" stands as one of the pivotal works in the classical repertoire, reflecting his profound religiosity and admiration for nature's wonders. Inspired by the compositions he encountered in England, particularly Handel's oratorios, Haydn crafted this musical masterpiece depicting the biblical creation of the world.

Spanning three parts, "The Creation" portrays the emergence of light, land, sea, heavens, and ultimately, plants, animals, and humans. Haydn's music paints vivid images: from the initial chaos to the first rays of the sun, to the jubilant song of birds – the listener is taken on a breathtaking journey through the marvels of creation.

Based on texts from the Book of Genesis and from John Milton's "Paradise Lost", the work premiered in Vienna in 1798 and rapidly became one of the composer's most cherished pieces. It stands as a testament to Haydn's genius and his ability to render music as a powerful expression of awe and gratitude.