Divertimento D major no. 11: Allegro molto, K 251

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Duration: 6'

The "Divertimento in D Major, No. 11, K. 251," composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is a prime example of his divertimenti, known for their lightness and elegance. The "Allegro molto" movement is particularly noted for its lively and cheerful mood, characteristic of Mozart's style.

Mozart's Divertimenti, including this one in D Major, were often composed for social occasions and are marked by their pleasing, entertaining nature. They showcase a variety of musical ideas and demonstrate Mozart's ability to blend complex musical forms with appealing, accessible music.

The "Allegro molto" movement of Divertimento No. 11 features fast tempos and vibrant rhythms, typical of Mozart's quick movements. This music reflects the joy and optimism of the Classical Viennese era and is an excellent example of Mozart's mastery in composing chamber music.