Por una cabeza

Carlos Gardel
Duration: 4'

"Por una Cabeza" is a famous tango song composed by Carlos Gardel, one of the most prominent figures in the history of tango music. The song was written in 1935, with lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera, a frequent collaborator of Gardel. Its title translates to "By a Head" in English, a phrase originating from horse racing and metaphorically used to describe a narrow margin, often in the context of love and gambling.

This tango has become one of the most popular and enduring pieces in the genre, known for its passionate and melancholic melody. Gardel's performance and the song's poignant lyrics have helped it gain a timeless status in Latin American music. The song tells the story of a man lamenting his fortune in love and gambling, drawing a parallel between the two.

"Por una Cabeza" has been covered by numerous artists over the years and has featured in several films, contributing to its international recognition. The piece is often noted for its evocative, emotional quality, capturing the essence of the tango's dramatic and romantic spirit.