Carlos Gardel

1890 - 1935

Carlos Gardel, born on December 11, 1890, and passed away on June 24, 1935, was a legendary tango singer, composer, and actor, often regarded as the most significant figure in the history of tango. Born in Toulouse, France, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with his mother at a young age, where he grew up and began his musical career.

Gardel played a crucial role in popularizing tango worldwide. His charismatic voice, artistic expressiveness, and ability to convey emotions made him an icon in Argentine and Latin American music. Among his most famous songs are classics like "El día que me quieras," "Mi Buenos Aires querido," "Volver," and "Por una cabeza."

In addition to his musical career, Gardel also worked as an actor, appearing in several films that further heightened his popularity. His tragic death in a plane crash in 1935, at the young age of 44, shocked fans around the world and left an indelible legacy in the world of music.

Carlos Gardel remains a central figure in the history of tango, often referred to as "El Zorzal" (the Thrush), a nickname highlighting his exceptional voice and artistic talent. His music and influence continue to live on in the hearts of tango lovers worldwide.