Fritz Kreisler

02.02.1875 Vienna, Austria - 2

Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962) was an Austrian violinist and composer renowned for his exceptional technical proficiency and expressive tone. Born in Vienna, he was recognized as a child prodigy and studied at the Vienna Conservatory and later at the Paris Conservatory.

Kreisler had a significant career as a violin virtuoso, known for his unique ability to captivate audiences with his deeply felt musical interpretations. He was also active as a composer, writing a number of works that are often considered part of the standard violin repertoire. Among his most famous compositions are "Liebesleid," "Liebesfreud," and "Schön Rosmarin."

A notable aspect of his career was his practice of attributing some of his compositions to older masters like Vivaldi and Pugnani. These pieces, later revealed to be Kreisler's own works, demonstrate his deep rootedness and understanding of traditional violin music.

Kreisler served in the Austrian army during World War I and continued his musical career afterward. He lived in various countries, including the United States, and significantly contributed to the spread of classical music. His legacy as one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century and as an important composer remains intact to this day.