Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

1756 - 1791

Countless biographies celebrate Mozart as a genius, praising his incredible musical talent, his masterpieces, and his enduring influence on music history. However, behind the famous composer lies an individual with his own passions, interests, and quirks that are often overlooked. We aim to go beyond the familiar narrative and shed light on the man named Mozart:

Love for the Game

Beyond his passion for music, Mozart had a penchant for billiards. In his Viennese home, he had his own billiard table. Between his compositions, he found time to indulge in this pastime, often playing with friends or trying out new tactics.

A Bird Named "Starling"

Mozart's pet, a starling, held a special place in his heart. He purchased the bird after hearing it "sing" a theme from his Piano Concerto K. 453. The bird became a loyal companion for several years, and Mozart mourned its passing when it died.

Mozart's Secrets

In some of his letters, Mozart employed a form of secret code consisting of reversed alphabets and symbols. This showcased his fondness for puzzles and mysteries.

Influence of Freemasonry

In 1784, Mozart joined the Freemasons, a secret society that was particularly active in Vienna during that period. His association with the Freemasons influenced several of his works, notably "The Magic Flute", which is replete with Masonic symbols and themes.

An Unusual Sense of Humor

Mozart possessed a humorous, and at times, whimsical character. This was reflected in his music and in his letters, where he frequently made jesting remarks and played with words.

By focusing on these lesser-known facets of his life, we gain a more comprehensive understanding of Mozart, not merely as a musical prodigy but also as a person in all his complexity.